Telltails installed on Sails

Normally, we install 4 telltails on mainsails at the end of each batten pocket. On headsails, we install 3 telltails on each side of the headsail close to the sails luff.

Telltails are located on sails as shown below.

On your headsail layout, if you have requested telltail windows, you may need to enlarge the image and look for 2 small dots along the luff on headsails. These are placed there based on sail design software and we are limited to indicating these as 2 small dots.

If you want something different, you must advise. There could be a charge for additional telltails.

Telltail Windows can also be installed on headsails - Please see the typical locations above. The telltale windows are normally round and 30cm in diameter.