Sail Numbers and Logos

Sail Numbers and sail logos are made with sailmakers marking cloth.

The following colors are available for sail numbers and logos.

Black, Yellow, White, Green, Red and Dark Blue

On dacron sails, the number and logos are normally placed
on both sides of the sail.
On spinnakers, because the cloth is so thin and the numbers show
through the fabric to the other side, numbers and logos are normally placed
on one side only. You may request both sides if you wish. We recommend
that spinnaker Logos and sail numbers be one side only.

Logos are limited to about 6 feet by 4 feet or so, depending on the logo and
what can be cut from the marking cloth - Sometimes, depending on the logo,
they can be larger.

You must tell us the numbers you wish, such as

NOR         NOR2214       NOR 2214

There is no specific way to display these, so please be sure you are
clear on how you wish your numbers displayed.

Below is a sample of a logo on a spinnaker.