When Sailboats are designed a sailboat designer, specifies a rig size. The
sailboat builder then selects a spar from many different spar manufacturers
that best fit the designers specifications.

Each boat is slightly different from each other boat. Therefore, you ALWAYS
have to measure a boat to build sails. There are no true off the shelf
sails for anything other than daysailers. There are off the shelf sails
that can be made to fit, but they are far inferior to proper sails designed
for your boat.

This order form contains the information that we have gathered from you
about your specific vessel. This is an interactive web document. Everything
we know about your vessel and everything you wish to tell us about your
vessel should be shown on this order form.

As your order progresses, we may have questions for you about your vessel
and the sails you would like. We will post these questions under the
"CHANGE HISTORY" shown at the bottom of the order. When you answer the
question, we will post that information also. Thus, we are all looking at
the same information while we build your sail. We have no other
information other than you see on the order form. DO NOT RELY on previous
emails or options we may have discussed during the quotation process
sure everything you want is clearly indicated on your order. This order
form must contain everything you want on your sails.

We will try to contact you by email when we have a question about your
order. We would like you to regularly check your on-line order during the
build process to be sure you have not missed an important email.

Before we start cutting your sail, we will send you a cad drawing of your
sail. You need to check this drawing to be sure the sail we are making is
the size of the sail you wish. This CAD drawing will be posted to this
order along with instructions on how to review this sail layout.

You may send us digital pictures of any special feature or special
characteristics of your vessel or sails. We will post these pictures to
your order. You may also fax us at 206-339-3618 if you cannot send an email
attachment. Please note that we prefer email attachments.

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