Specialty Sails;

Sails we make are divided into two different groups.

Most sails are straight forward in how they are made. They have normal measurements, normal fittings, and other features that are common to about 95 percent of all sails made.

Other sails are "Specialty Sails". These sails are significantly different than a standard sail. These sails often have features such as drop leech, gaff conversion sails, mainsails made out of Spinnaker cloth, wrap around sails, special mast bend sails, special asymmetrical designs supplied by the customer, etc., etc. If a customer submits a unique sail design to use, we would also consider that a specialty sail, as we did not do the sail design.

Specialty sails require special communication between the end user and the sailmaker. We can make any sail the sailor wants, but when the drawings are presented, the sailor needs to take extra care to see that the drawings are correct and he also should note that the tolerance standards are different. For instance, if a customer wants an 8" mast bend built into his sail, this will effect the sail design MGM and MGU. Perhaps the  sailor wants a special mainsail that overlaps the backstay, this can cause wear on the batten pockets. Some sailors want partial batten sails with roach way beyond what normal partial battens can handle, etc, etc. We will often mark a sail as a specialty sail if we see an unusual rig or difficult measurements from a customer.