Our design software locates the reefs to a standard location. Those reef heights are shown on the computer layout in the section labeled Reefing Points as shown below. Please feel free to adjust the heights, using words as;

Reef #1, 2m up from tack
Reef #2, 3m up from tack

as you may wish. The above words refer to "LUFF" below.

Reefing Points
1, Luff: 2.558m ; Leech: 2.640m ; Offset: 0.000m ; Number Eyelets: 3
2, Luff: 5.115m ; Leech: 5.282m ; Offset: 0.000m ; Number Eyelets: 2
3, Luff: 7.673m ; Leech: 7.927m ; Offset: 0.000m ; Number Eyelets: 2

Also note Number of Intermediate Eyelets. Those are the quantity we install between the reef tack and the reef clew.

We normally install a quantity of these based on a standard design software model. You will see these as little dots between the reef tack and the reef clew on the newer layouts. Please feel free to specify the quantity you wish if the dots shown are not to your wishes.