Mainsail Foot Measurement;

Maxfoot is aft face of mast the furthest edge of the sail at the clew position. We would normally think this to be about 6 to 8" from the outhaul sheave.

If your sail has black bands at the clew position, then the maxfoot is inside edge (forward edge) of black band to the mast.

The vessel foot measurement is never "pin to pin" or tack to clew. The measurements around the gooseneck are called offsets, which are normal adjustments we make as sailmakers.

If you measure an old sail, the specs is "sail edge to sail edge pulled to normal sailing tensions". Sails are best ordered by measuring the vessel as indicated. If you measure an old sail, tell us that is how you took the foot measurement.

If you send us a picture showing the clew with a tape measure, it has little value to us as we cannot see where you attached the other end of the tape measure.