Full Batten Options;

Below are Standard Sailmaker Batten Holders we install as standard for sails quoted as full battens. Alternatively, customers may send to us their old batten holders and we will install for no charge.


The A303 Holders above use  20mm*6mm Battens - These battens can be supplied with the sail for a nominal amount

Many sailors install their own batten holders from their old sail. This is a very easy process. Basically a drill, solder and bolt operation. The solder is just taking a small solder iron to seal the threads of the drilled hole (optional). Many sailors do this themselves without issues.

An upgrade to Rutgerson Full Batten Holders with wheeled sliders is available for USD$86.00 each. (1590's) - This includes the holder and the wheeled slider as in the picture below. The below Batten Holders use a 40m x 4m Flat batten.

40.00 per holder - can be used on luff and leech end.