Foam Luff;

When a Roller furling Genoa is reefed to be a smaller sail the smaller size sail shape is not as good as the full size sail shape, as the sails draft is in a new position. To compensate for this, sailmakers add foam along the sails luff. Thus, as the sail is partially furled, the foam adjusts the sails draft for better performance as a roller reefed sail.

The better performing furling sails have a foam luff. Foam will be 5mm thick, and normally we cut the foam 5cm wide.

The Max number of strips we go to is 4 pieces, depend on sail size.

Foam Strip Specs;

Max Width from Tack : 33% * Luff 

Max width thickness : 2.5% * Luff

Thickness   : 5mm

Foam swidth : 45mm

Foam luff can be made rope style by request, we would supply the rope

The foam can be made pad style by request. This would be one big pad in place of the multiple strips shown.