Fareastsails Full Batten Holder Options

Standard Sailmakers Full Batten Holders

The below pictures show sailmakers standard full batten
holders. The battens are fixed into these holders. They
will accept 1 1/2 to 1 5/8 width battens about 1/8" Thick.

We offer an upgrade to Rutgerson Battens Holders, details

A303 Standard Holders


Rutgerson Optional Holders (USD$74.00 Each)

If you wish these, try to locate your mast in the Rutgerson
Chart below or, look at our sail slides and tell us your sail
slide number and we can locate the Rutgerson Wheeled Slider
numbers. We offer the 1590 Holders and 4 choices of wheeled
sliders. The sliders are available for slide widths 11mm, 16mm,
19mm, 23mm