Clew Types -;

Press Rings come in various sizes - See Below

If you have an outhaul car, we like you to provide
X,Y and Z (Z is the jaw width)

We have stocks for Rutgerson Press ring and O rings :

Press Rings
                 Inside Diameter                     For Sail Area (normal)

SR20        20mm      press ring                       0  -  150 ft2
SR25        25mm      press ring                      151 -  250 ft2
SR35        35mm      press ring                      251 -  400 ft2
SR45        45mm      press ring                      401 -  550 ft2
SR55        55mm      press ring                      551 up

            25mm      O-Ring
            33mm      O-Ring
            40mm      O-Ring
            50mm      O-Ring
            70mm      O-Ring